Improve your photography skills in easy way with experienced photographer in professional environment. 



I’m Marek Kuzlik, and I’m professional wedding photographer with over 7 years of experience in photography industry in the UK. Before i came to UK, I graduated High Art School in Poland as  a graphic designer, and then University. During my education photography was close to me. I had an opportunity to work on film cameras, and then on the first digital ones. Now, most of you can’t imagine what the film photography was… and I understand this.  Production of digital images is much easier, and gives more control, is more powerful. However, 90% of images taking every second are even worse than bad. Let’s have look for your friends Facebook’s profiles…. Am I right?

My knowledge, and experience in the photography will help you understand how cameras work, how light affecting your images,  how to improve your photos in a few simply steps.