Family & Children photography

Are you ready for some fun? Are you ready for some great memories? 

Are you ready to have an easy and nice time in my studio?


I’m a Coventry based portrait photographer with my own silent place to play with photos.  Do not treat me as a high street photo corporation – my place won’t be crowdy. It will be for your exclusive use only.

 The only thing I need from you is to pop into my photo studio and relax. You will pick the best time for you, you will set the pace of the session because you won’t feel pressure from me. I’ll look after that what will be hanging on a wall – a lifetime memory. 




How your session will look like?


      • tell me what kind of photos you are looking for?
      • write or call me to talk about preparation to the photoshoot, what to bring? what time? where?
      • come and relax. I know what to do
      • we spend around 1-1.5 hr creating your lifetime memories 
      • at the end, we will review our achievements
      • You will back home, and I will back to work on your photos
      • your online gallery with min 12 images is ready
      • I transfer all digital printable photos


What else I can do for you?

    • You have in mind a big framing photo on the wall? – one from my suppliers will make for you.
    • You will buy frames but you will need a print? – one from my suppliers will make for you.
    • You will print on your own? I understand but can’t take responsibility if it won’t be one from my suppliers 🙁
    • Will you get a discount if you will need something in the future? – Yes, you will.
    • If you recommend me… I will have a little gift for you.


contact & costs

    • how to find me



1 Hr with me in the studio, min. 12 digital images in printable version will cost you £75 until the end of February 2020.