Portrait photography by Marek Kuzlik Photography

Coventry based photo studio



You’ve taken 1000’s of selfies.

Are they look the same?

Do you need anything better? 

drop a message and let’s think about a nice project for you.

I am Marek Kuzlik, Coventry based wedding and portrait photographer with my own photo studio… The studio which allowed me to produce for you images which you will love. 



My garden photo studio is located in Keresley End, on the border of West Midlands and Warwickshire. I’m only 6 miles from Coventry town centre, 2 miles from Bedworth and 5-6 from Nuneaton. The studio has a large shooting area and some professional equipment. But who’s care? For you, important is an effect which wee can achieve. What else is important? The studio has experienced photographer  🙂

How does basic portrait studio photoshoot look like?

Our photography journey starts with an initial chat about your needs. Where I will explain to you that photoshoot is a pleasant experience.  We will talk about clothing, some ideas etc.  Then we have to arrange the date, and that’s it. 

You will come to my location, we will spend in my studio around 1 -1.5 hrs. Generally, we will try to have a nice time.

Scroll down and drop a message. Tell me what is in your mind.