Marek KuzlikMK Wedding Photography

A little bit about me…

Marek Kuzlik

I have been photographing weddings, portraits, and events in United Kingdom since 2010.  I work from my photography studio located in Keresley End located on the border of West Midlands and Warwickshire.

As a teenager, when I was in the Art School, I loved painting landscapes, and drawing people. I loved creating unusual world of art. After some years of artistic evolution, finally I found my way not as an artist, with a paint brush in my hand but as an artist with a photo camera.

Previous artistic education, and requiring classes in photography in The High School, and later at the University, I  lifted my photography skills to the high level. Today, I can share my passion to the photography, and knowledge of it, to create quality and unique natural images which meet high expectations of my wedding couples who can appreciate my hard work for them. Many of my wedding clients come back to me after some time, when their families grown or require professional images for their business. This is great privilege for me! and show me clear way for the future. 

Why to Choose MK Wedding Photography?


I’m the main photographer in MK Wedding Photgoraphy, and Marek Kuzlik Photography. I’m in the photography business since 2010, and I have a pleasure to photograph more than 35 weddings every single year across United Kingdom but mostly I photograph weddings in West Midlands, and Warwickshire. It gives me excellent knowledge of numerous wedding venues trough the country.

No matter what time of the year you get married or what weather will be during your big day, I will create natural and creative photo story for you.

Working with the client

A wedding photographer is the person who will be with you number of hours on the most important day of your life.

On the wedding day I don’t play the main role on the, YOU DO! I always try to be “invisible” for you… and capture amazing images from a distance. I’ll try to keep You relaxed in front of his cameras, and advise you when needed, where to look, where to put your hand, and some other  :), generally I will catch the moment. I have friendly nature, and a lot of patience. It will have possitive affect not only on you but yours family and friends too. I don’t have a problem when your guests takes photos next to me, sometime they can get some professional advice.

What I use to take your amazing wedding photos?

In that point, a client shouldn’t worry about photographer’s equipment. If you going to book a PRO… on your wedding, doesn’t matter if the photographer will come with an Iphone or camera worth thousands of pounds. The PRO will take quality photos anyway, however MK Wedding Photography invested large amount of money for top range of digital cameras, and lenses, and is upgrading his equipment to make sure that you will receive the best possible images.


MK Wedding Photography has liability and equipment insurance.


I collaborate with quality suppliers across EU to deliver the best quality products for you in reasonable price, Have look for  handmaded premium wedding photo albums with the best quality prints available on the market. The albums are include in most of the packages.