Wedding day at Ashton Lodge Country House in the lens of MK Wedding Photography

Coventry based wedding photographer

In this post, MK Wedding Photography would like to present to you some outstanding wedding photos taken at Ashton Lodge Country House. Photos which will long last longer than your wedding cake! Don’t forget, those wedding photos are for ages, you will back to them in 50 years or so. Definitely in the time when you won’t remember the taste of the cake 🙂

Anyway, It is not the first time when I show you images from this beautiful venue and I am sure it is not the last time. Some more photos from a different wedding at Ashton you can find in here (wedding at Ashton Lodge by MK Wedding Photography


Ashton Lodge. Great wedding venue near Coventry

Dear brides and grooms. If you are live in Coventry or the surrounding area and you are still looking for a wedding venue you must… consider Ashton Lodge as a potential target. An unusual place for unusual people like me. If you prefer the countryside rather than a busy city, if you like a green area around you, Mk Wedding Photography would recommend Ashton Lodge for you.


As a photographer based in Coventry, I know many wedding venues. I wrote about many of them, many times. Even now, I am creating a blog with all the locations I have visited in this year. But, this post is about Ashton and my specific enthusiasm for this place.  To be honest, I really like to work at the venue. Photographing weddings at Ashton Lodge brings for myself kind of pleasure. Always, I meet here fantastic people, probably that is the reason why I always take here outstanding photos. 

Are you looking for a wedding photographer? 

If you are going to consider Ashton Lodge as your wedding venue in the future and you will be looking for a local wedding photographer, why do not contact Coventry based MK Wedding photography? Experienced man, who always is happy to create something special, better… together with you.

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