Wedding photo albums





Perfectly made, wedding photo albums

Fully personalized products.

All of the albums are hand-created by skilled and experienced craftsmen and printed using the latest, most sophisticated printing technology.

You can purchase handmade wedding photo albums separately

or choose one from packages which include one of them.

I offer many different sizes and shapes, ask for more details. All albums are hand made by a pro bookbinder with the greatest reasonable care to deliver you the best possible product.

wedding photo album

wedding photo albums



Materials and colours

Freedom of choice. Pick your favourite colour and material. From “light palette”, “earthy palette”, strong colours and even more. I’m sure you will find something interesting. The picture below presents accurate samples of colours and textures. 

View more available colours and materials here

photo album materials

Sizes and shapes

You find in the offer a variety of album options from acrylic cover photo albums to Exclusive albums to custom, wedding-inspired photo albums, you can be sure you’ll always get top quality, hand-crafted products with whichever choice you ultimately select. In the picture below shapes and sizes are present. All those albums are included in MK Wedding Photography packages. Albums can be purchased separately too.

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Process of creation

Your job is limited to a minimum but your decisions are very important. You will pick all images to the photo album and I will design it. You will tell me if the project of all pages is good for you. You will tell me what material and colours I should use during the project of your fantastic album and aster a couple of weeks later the album will be ready to collect. Optionally, I can post the album for you.

premium album from Mk Wedding Photography


Gallery of recent photo albums ordered for Mk Wedding Photography’s clients.