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photo-harness (multi-camera straps)

review by Marek Kuzlik Wedding Photography


I think, this article is more for other photographers who appreciate comfort of work, rather than people who are looking for a wedding photographer. Today, couple of words about photo harness or someone can call them multi-camera straps from Maciej Figiel Leatherwork.  He is talented person who creates amazing things from natural leather, not only for photographers. 

sample photography suspenders from Maciej Figiel Leatherwork


2-3 years ago, I bought my first textile multi camera straps from UK’s shop for around £60, and at the beginning I was happy… I was very happy for the first 3-4 weddings somewhere in Warwickshire… 🙂  until  suspenders broke for two pieces. I have catched my 2 Nikons a couple of inches above the ground level…. Shock. I was holding in my hands two pieces of  nearly new photo harness, with 2 expensive cameras at the ends. Bad feeling, especially in case if you have to take photos on a wedding for another a couple of hours, and you were close to destroy your equipment due to failure of another piece of your “equipment” – in this case, textile camera straps. 

Anyway… I liked those straps (until it’s broke down), and I wanted to find  another ones but better quality, which can be personalised, and created especially for me. 

I found Maciej Figiel Leatherwork on Facebook , I was impressed of his work.

Simply, I contacted him… I told Maciej what I was looking for. He replied in a short time, and  he gave me some ideas about photography  suspenders, and finally the price 🙂 This experience was very easy and pleasant.  His customer service, quality of work, and reasonable cost of amazing multi-camera straps made from leather pushed me with a smile on my face to make an order.

That’s me and my  photo-harness (multi-camera straps)- above and below



A couple of weeks later, I received a parcel with brand new, handmade, leather photo-harness. Amazing smell of cow’s high quality leather, nice light brown colour, and my company’s logo on it. Maciej has looked after all details, as we agreed before he started work on my project.  Everything perfect.

The harness came in textile bag with leather strap. When I opened it…. I remember it as it was today. I said… F…. amazing, and straight away I attached my cameras to my new harness. I couldn’t expect nothing more.

Every year, I do 35+ weddings in West Midlands, and the rest of UK, and on every single one I have multi-camera straps with me. I can say they have high “mileage” but condition is still perfect. No damages, colour is still the same. I can add that, at the moment I have Nikon D4s and Nikon D750 with a vertical grip. that’s heavy weight equipment. To this equipment I have to attache some lenses… high-end lenses, which are heave too.  (D4s with 70-200 it will be approx. 3.5kg= 7lb 11oz), and I’m able to run with this set for 10 hrs. I can say, photo-harness save my life at work. All the time, I have my equipment with me, ready to use, ready to capture this moments which can’t be repeated.


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