photo plus video doesn't work

1 person – Photos + video package. Why it doesn’t work?


Have you ever tried to drink a cup of tea and run? Of course, it is possible but… You will spill some tea on the ground if you will run fast. For some of us will be OK, some of us have higher expectations.

It will be the same on the wedding day. If a photographer or video man is aiming to do both, the effect will be exactly the same when you try to drink tea and run at the same time. It is nearly impossible to do both things right. To do this on a high level.

Who should read this text?

This text should be read by wedding couples who are looking for quality service without compromise. This is for those who want high quality, unique photos or high-end cinematic video from your wedding day, not for them who are happy to run and drink a cup of tea at the same time.

What is the difference between photos and videos (in general)?

I found a great explanation on Quora (link below) A photo is a single image – if taken by professional photographer it will be an uncompressed raw file in high resolution. Video is a series of images played in a sequence. Someone may say… if it is a sequence of photos, we can take a one and use it in a wedding album… I am a genius ๐Ÿ™‚  Nearly. Images which build a movie are compressed. The single video image hasn’t got enough data to be printed. (there is a chance to record a video as a raw file, but I will explain about it below )

Let’s take out 1 frame from a video.

I think good explanation about the topic was described in Layers magazine (link below). Generally, we can not take a frame from a movie and use as a still photo. Why? In still photography, we try to capture all those unique moments as sharp as possible. In the video, it looks a little bit different. In the video, the basic frame rate (how many single photos per second) is around 30frames/second. The rule is to use 2 times faster Sutter than the frame rate. If we have 30 frames /sec we should use the shutter speed at 1/60s. And for those who tried to take a photo from your smartphone in the evening may understand what I writing about. If the shutter speed is low in the still photography the final effect will or maybe blurred. In the video, it works better. Gives a nice smoothness of the movie. I hope, I did not mix too much.  I believe it is a little bit more clear. That we can not take out 1 frame from the video and use it as a photo… especially if we are looking for a great photo.




OK, how it looks on a wedding day. Differences between photos and videos.

I am a West Midlands wedding photographer, and I have a great friend Jasper (Yellow Glowe Production), who is a talented wedding videographer. We have worked together many times and this paragraph will be about the differences, how we see the wedding day, and what we do differently. 

What we do differently during a wedding day?

Heh, we do the same but in a different way.  We have to capture everything from the bride preparation until the first dance. We have to present the final effect in the best possible way. What is interesting, that what is interesting for the photographer may not be worth to capture for a video man. A good example will be group photos. Usually, very static, staged… I’ll do this a little bit different. I, as a photographer on a wedding day, I have to photograph my wedding couple with their families and guests, for a video man it is usually, the time when can do something else (e.g try to drink a cup of  tea and run ๐Ÿ™‚ ) because a recording of posing people to group photos isn’t interested from a video point of view.

Generally, in photos and video, we try to capture exactly the same things but in a very different way and it is extremely difficult to do both things on the highest level at the same time.  Photographer and videographer, have to look at everything part of the day from a different way, Take into consideration different technical details, lighting etc. I and Jasper are aware that we can meet our couples expectations if we would do both things at the time. Would you?

Photographing and video of the first dance.

That will be a great example. The first dance may bring a lot of unexpected actions. As a photographer, I always try to be in the right place and do not miss some nice action.  If there is a video man, he tries to find the best possible place. In most situations, around “the dancers” we have a lot of guests and the best place is in front of them. Can you imagine one person recording and photographing?  OK, I can attach a little gimbal with a little video camera on the top of a photo camera but as the wedding photographer, I will look after different light. The light will work better for photos, on video, it won’t look so great like on still images. As I mention earlier. High standard photos and video require a different way of capturing.   



I can find many more examples where the work of a wedding photographer and videographer is different but the post is not about. I wanted to raise a controversial topic and point a couple of things which in my opinion are right. There are some photographers in West Midlands who offers combo packages (1 person = photo+video). I won’t give their names but I have to add that I respect them and their work they, However, I prefer different photography work. Different quality.


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