Wedding photographer from west midlands at Dunchurch park Hotel

MK Wedding Photography at Dunchurch Park Hotel 


Today a wedding photo story not from West Midlands but from hearth of Warwickshire. Wedding photo story which I created for Angie & Mike a long time ago. The whole story took place at Dunchurch Park Hotel.  And now I’d like to share those beautiful moments with you. 

Dunchurch Park Hotel’s history goes back to 18th century. More about history you can read (here). The first wedding took place there in 2004, some time before i came to UK. Since that time the hotel has became very popular wedding venue. And in my opinion, one from the best premium venues in Warwickshire. As a photographer… from photographer point of view, I have found there some issues. However, the staff is very helpful. Building has some nice places. Especially for photos opportunities. Garden… ? wonderfully green terraces leading to a small lake, where every single wedding couple takes photos. Me too. The lake gives many, I would even say hundreds of opportunities to create unique images.

Have a look on black and white cover photo. The photo won an award on a wedding competition some time ago.  What was “ingredients” to create it? 1 couple, 1 nice background, 2 flashes, 1 camera… to be honest any camera would be suitable , and 1 photographer who was aware what he wanted achieve, and of course some knowledge about photography. 🙂  Nothing hard to do.


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west midlands, warwickshire wedding photographer - MK wedding photography

Dunchurch Park Hotel, preparation room.
Preparation room at Dunchurch Park Hotel. Photo by Mk Wedding Photography
Where the bride and groom get married
Wedding ceremony room at Dunchurch Park, photo by Mk Wedding photography

Walking down at Dunchurch Park by Marek Kuzlik Photography
Walking down.. Dunchurch Park Hotel, photo by West Midlands Wedding Photographer Marek Kuzlik

Dunchurch Park Hotel, MK Wedding Photography

west midlands wedding photographer at Dunchurch Park Hotel
Weddign ceremony at Dunchurch Park Hotel by Mk Wedding Photography

wedding session, Dunchurch Park
Some unusual fun during photo session with ladies at Dunchurch park Hotel, Warwickshire



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